A Tuber-Cloud-Shaped Evening of Poetry and Performance

We’re getting together with folks from UW’s English, Art, and Theatre Departments to host some fantastic poets and artists. The event will feature poets Heather Christle and Benjamin Hersey from Western Massachusetts, Carson Cistulli (of Madison, formerly of Western Massachusetts), and from the Art and Theatre Departments: artists Mark Switzer and Erin Hood and Koala Yip.

TUESDAY, FEB 28th in the George L. Mosse Humanities Building at 455 Park. St. from 7:30-9:30 is when it’s happening.

There will definitely be light refreshments.

HEATHER CHRISTLE is the author of What Is Amazing (Wesleyan University Press, 2012), The Trees The Trees (Octopus Books, 2011), and The Difficult Farm (Octopus Books, 2009). Her poems have appeared in publications including The Believer, Boston Review, Gulf Coast, and The New Yorker. She has taught at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and at Emory University, where she was the 2009-2011 Creative Writing Fellow in Poetry. She is the Web Editor for jubilat and frequently a writer in residence at the Juniper Summer Writing Institute. A native of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, she lives in Western Massachusetts.

CARSON CISTULLI is the author of the full-length collection Some Common Weaknesses Illustrated. He edits and contributes to website The New Enthusiast, the internet home for the leisure poor. He is employed as a baseball writer by FanGraphs.

BENJAMIN HERSEY is a writer and performance artist living in Northampton, Massachusetts. He recently collaborated with monologuist Seth Lepore in Get a Job/Take Me Home Tonight and Dance and Text: A Lethal Combination. He has also appeared both in conjunction with and as a guest performer in several of Missoula Oblongata’s productions. A novel excerpt, stories and a performance text have appeared in Everyday Genius, Fact-Simile and Requited. This is What We’re Up Against, a chapbook of monologues, was published by Chuckwagon in 2008.

ERIN HOOD is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Theatre and Drama. She comes from Texas. Her dissertation research drives her embodied performance work. Performance’s multiple modes of operation drives her dissertation work on bodies and how medicine understands them. “Hey, Fighter,” made in collaboration with Marina Kelly, happened at Ford’s Gym on May 6, 2011. Its documentation just keeps happening. It changes, and changes, and will change what it comes from.

MARK SWITZER is a video and performance artist and MFA Candidate in the Art Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mark’s work is concerned with identity, equality, memory, and fantasy. Recent work includes “Where Can I Reach You?” (Video, 2012), “6 years from this moment…” (Video, 2012), and “Mr. Bufferin” (Performance, 2012).

KOALA YIP holds an MFA in Integrated Media from California Institute of and a BFA (honors) from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She works across media – performance, installation and moving image that reflect the ongoing exploration of her own artistic voice ranging from contemporary body identity to multiculturalism. Recent work includes “Semiotics of Grace’s Artist Studio – with Intrusion of Koala Boop,” a collaborative project by Koala Yip and Grace Sullivan (Video, 2011).
An appropriation of Martha Rosler’s “Semiotics of the Kitchen” released in 1975, this video performance employs an artificial Betty Boop-like female concept in a physical body intervening in the physical space.




They were projecting a hologram onto my snowsuit
A hologram of nature A snowsuit of white
Nature was not moving but I was moving and that
was most of the plot We got good ratings
They were going to release nature in Los Angeles
Houston and Maine but I was never going to be released
anywhere They were going to give me snacks and
send me into the tundra and evaluate how long
I survived It was our greatest collaboration
I thought Only they were the ones with ideas and
I contributed two things My body and the suggestion
that we should maybe try to write it down
When I died it would be a polar bear that got me
I predicted and tried to practice relaxing b/c
I wanted my last feeling to be relaxation
but they said that wouldn’t fit in with the show


(from Pulses of My Ghosts)



photo credit Mick McKiernan


Look, I’m gonna tell you somethin I told Ben one time and I told this
to, ah, Melissa Goldfarb, my court-ordered alcoholism counselor.
The cathedrals they built, in the middle ages,
sometimes they took centuries to complete.
Church kept running out of funds.
Once upon a time there was a guy workin on one of these cathedrals
and he was workin stories up, and his co-workers found out
that he wasn’t workin for money,
he was workin for the love of work
and they threw him off the fuckin buildin.
Society does not tolerate people like me.
Society does not tolerate people like me.
My motivation is questionable,
my sexuality is questionable,
It’s all about the fuckin greenbacks, baby.
I am an aberration
and society destroys that which it cannot understand.
Nobody can understand:
who is this guy?
what’s he doin’? why doesn’t he care about money?
I told Wadinski a long time ago:
I’ll never have anything because I lost my fuckin ambition to make money,
but it wasn’t really ambition that I lost.
It was just my desire to covet worldly possessions.
I am the aberration, you understand,
I am the aberration.


(from Stonewall Cola)



A Brief List of Things I’ve Said to a Woman While Gyrating My Hips Sensually
Here’s a brief list of things I’ve said to a woman while gyrating my hips sensually:
• Better add this to your speed dial, girl.
• Uh-oh, looks like someone just set his phaser to “erotic.”
• Welcome to the supper club, milady.

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  1. Jesse

    Love Carson Cistulli, great work here.

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