We welcomes Milwaukee’s Edwin Perry and Chelsea Tadeyeske and Madison’s Paul Baker.

These cats from Milwaukee are doing wonderful things in poetry, in bookmaking and in their community, and Paul’s recent writing leads inexorably to astonishment, group performance (meaning maybe you!) and occasionally incapacitating laughter. It’s going to happen

Saturday, April 28, 7 p.m.

Avol’s Bookstore, 315 West Gorham

and we look forward to seeing you there.

Chelsea Tadeyeske is a twist on the tabletop, a salt-sea of invisibilites. She cannot stop time, but she can smash all the clocks. She hails from Milwaukee

edwin r. perry is a hat rack, or a rack of hats. Midwestern hearted, he currently lives in Milwaukee and runs Plumberries Press.

Paul baker is older than you are. He is one handshake away from ezra pound. He is writing this in a horizontal position. He grew up in lexington kentucky, where the two topics of ongoing conversation are Jesus and Wildcats basketball. He broke his arm when he was nine years old. Since then, he has been obsessed with the concept of breakage. He is convinced that creation presupposes destruction, and therefore thinks rather highly of the Hindu god Shiva. He has published in the online publication 21 Stars Review. (

Some Sample Poems

Paul baker

Taxonomy of the Messiah

Taxonomy of the Messiah presents difficulties. Nomenclature is regulated by international codes. The description must be based on at least one name-bearing ‘type’ specimen. In addition, Northern Hemisphere countries consistently confuse taxonomy with baked goods from the Netherlands. Astronomy of the Pariah resents multicultures. Legislature is mitigated by splinter national tribes. Shipping containers provide shelters for entire  families of stowaways. With water and food they can last four weeks.
edwin perry

instinctually, i bent.

not to show some lissom audacity,
not to carrot the horse heart, but
to loose the tension of a hip ache
from too much sitting. he doughed,
though, sizing whatever happened past
his window, fancied what, when cut,
might juice down his chin, that which
might plug him in snuggly, that which
might wet his inner thigh. drink stiff,
he offered his lap, and i came curling,
purring, wrapped around his appetite.

Chelsea Tadeyeske


1. Thatched ruin webbed against swaths of weak-edged flesh.
Migrating sea-birds. Momentary shoreline.

2. Bodies streaked with raincord. Asleep in the honeyed undergrowth.
Metallic thrum contorting from heartwall to heartwall.

3. “…a long way from home…” Hanging vacillation.

4. Gash tamped with pine-needles. Symmetry amongst trees.
Clattering counter currents. The wind excited with elm.

5. Drowned hair knotted to the spiral branch.



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  1. I know poetry when i see it. This some good shit. –signed, Scott Walker

  2. This is some great job-creating, tax cutting legislation.
    Gov. Scott Walker

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