The Near Perfectly-Shaped Reading (July 25th, 8pm: 1335 Willy St.)

It’s late notice, but it’s real. This Wednesday Night, the 25th of July, we will host esteemed and outrageous poets Jenny Zhang from NYC, Mike Hauser from Milwaukee, and Gertrude Stein from the historical avant-garde. This will take place at Anna’s apartment located 1335 Williamson St., Apt. 1 at 8pm. Please attend for everyone’s sake.


Jenny Zhang is the author of Dear Jenny, We Are All Find (Octopus Books, 2012). Her fiction and non-fiction have appeared in Glimmertrain and The Guardian, Diagram and Jezebel. She was born in Shanghai and writes for teenage girls at Rookie magazine. You can find her at

Mike Hauser lives in Milwaukee. He’s done such poetry-related things as organize a reading series, host a podcast/radio show dedicated largely to poetry and read poems to audiences of varying size. He published an e-chapbook as part of Michael Schiavo’s THE EQUALIZER project which can be read here:

Gertrude Stein‘s first book is Three Lives (Grafton Press, 1909). A fourth Life, Jenny: It’s Gonna Be May, was suppressed by a jealous Alice B. Toklas: “She preferred to have it named after he had he had he had she must five is five so often as often as often one as often, having half and nearly Jenny too, too two two. Jenny is a drop. This is clear clearly. You do leave it here here here here Chambery.”


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